3 Lessons From American Idol

1. Not everyone has the same gifts.

If you’ve ever watched the first few episodes if an American Idol season, you know that some people try out for American Idol that absolutely can’t sing. Trying to do something you’re not gifted to do only hurts you and the people around you. By trying to do something out of the limits of our giftedness, we steal a blessing from the people who are gifted to do it.

2. Know who’s opinion matters.

During American Idol, the judges critique every performance, but they don’t get to decide who stays and who goes each week… That’s left up to America’s votes. So, instead of singing to please a particular judge, contestants sing to please the voters. I’m constantly learning that my life must be lived to please God, not some guy on the sidelines judging me as I go. If I seek to be a God pleaser, the rewards are eternal. People pleasing does nothing but take my eyes off of what really matters.

3. Give it all you’ve got, always.

Week after week, American Idol contestants are sent packing because they didn’t get the votes to stay. It is important that the contestants give it all they have every time. We must too. Life is short, the window for us to impact the world is small… We must give it all we have… We will NEVER get to the end of our lives and think, “Man, I wish I would’ve cared less.”

Those are my 3…

What else ya got?


  1. Love the Lord your God with all your…what???everything we have.

    His opinion of us is all that matters.

    He has gifted everyone in unique way to meet the needs of the people we encounter.

    good points

  2. These lessons fit well with whatever you may be doing. I think the one that is most important to me is to give it all you got, all the time. So many people slack off. So hard to bring it every day!

    Another coupe are: Love what you do and Be confident in yourself.

  3. I love when you do these kind of posts! haha… This was good. Now you can do a post on “What not to say like Steven Tyler”! :)

    I have a post coming out tomorrow titled “A Life Lesson from Ant Smasher”. Be sure to check it out!

  4. Did not get into watching AI this time around, but appreciated these lessons we can learn. There are lessons in everything if we are just willing to look for them. Thanks!

  5. 1.b) Know Your Limits – I am a great singer. No really. As long as I stay within a particular range I sound awesome. If I stretch beyond the boundary of my abilities, bring on the dying cats.

  6. i think i’ll have to borrow lines from Ptr. Bo Sanchez about this issue…

    He said…

    “During the day, everyone else in the world can tell me that they like me. That I’m such a great guy. They may give me deafening applause and praise… For my preaching, my articles, my services, my songs…

    But at the end of the day, if God does not even smile at me…

    …if God does not applaud…

    …if God does not say, “I like what you’re doing Bo…”

    My whole life will be totally meaningless.

    It has to be God.

    At the end of the day.


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