Forfeiting for “Just Once” – The Power of 1

Many of us are becoming increasingly aware of the dangers of texting while driving.
Not only does it put us in danger when we do it, but it puts others in danger as well… innocent others.

  • 20 percent of injury crashes in 2009 involved reports of distracted driving.
  • Drivers who use hand-held devices are four times as likely to get into crashes serious enough to injure themselves.
  • Using a cell phone use while driving, whether it’s hand-held or hands-free, delays a driver’s reactions as much as having a blood alcohol concentration at the legal limit of .08 percent.
  • Of those killed in distracted-driving-related crashed, 995 involved reports of a cell phone as a distraction (18% of fatalities in distraction-related crashes).

Those are some pretty alarming numbers.
That should scare us enough to never use our phone while we’re driving ever, EVER, EVER again.

But you know what….

I still do it.

Not as often as I once did,
but I still send the occasional text message while driving.

You may be thinkin, “Dude! That’s stupid.”

That’s exactly my point.
It makes no sense for me to risk my life for one text message.

But many people risk their lives & future everyday on one…..

  • Habit.
  • Inappropriate relationship.
  • Avoided doctor visit.
  • Unethical business deal.

It’s easy for us to think, “Just one ____.”

But often one turns into many.

Don’t risk your future on one moment….

Once when Jacob was cooking some stew, Esau came in from the open country, famished. 30 He said to Jacob, “Quick, let me have some of that red stew! I’m famished!” (That is why he was also called Edom.) Jacob replied, “First sell me your birthright.” “Look, I am about to die,” Esau said. “What good is the birthright to me?” But Jacob said, “Swear to me first.” So he swore an oath to him, selling his birthright to Jacob. Then Jacob gave Esau some bread and some lentil stew. He ate and drank, and then got up and left. So Esau despised his birthright.

Genesis 25:29-34

3 thoughts on “Forfeiting for “Just Once” – The Power of 1

  1. Don’t think I have ever picked up my phone while driving… I always have to pay full attention when driving. If my phone rings I will let it ring till I stop.

    But so many do it without thinking its not just their life they are putting in danger, but others around them too. You never know, that 1 little text could be the last text you ever send.

    Thanks for sharing Jon! :)

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