Influence Isn’t Grace

Grace is completely free.
There’s nothing you and I can do to earn it.
It’s readily available because it’s provided free of charge by an Awesome God.

Influence MUST be earned.

I don’t have the right to speak to certain issue in certain people’s lives.
I don’t know them well enough.
I haven’t earned the respect and credibility with them.

Other people I can speak to those same issues in their lives.
I know them.
I have the respect from them.

Some people have the right to call me out when they find me doing certain things.
I won’t take offense.
I’ll listen.

Some people don’t have that right.
They don’t know what I’ve been through… they don’t have a close relationship with me.

You and I have to be careful not to speak into someone something that we haven’t earned the right to speak.
I also have to be careful that I speak life and truth into people who I’ve earned the right to speak with.

It’s a careful balance.

The more I balance it correctly, the more right I earn to speak into lives.

Influence…. It’s important, but it isn’t free.


  1. Very tough doctrine, but you’re dead on. It’s similar to the difference between forgiving someone (immediately required) versus trusting them (gained over time). Not a “nice” truth, but truth nonetheless. Bring it, bro!


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