Church Diversity

I have a huge heart for diversity and unity in the body. It’s so sad to think about the fact that even after the advances society has made, the church is still largely segregated.

Being a pastor at a church that is truly multi-ethnic, I can speak to the fact that there’s something special when people of all races  come together for worship. It’s truly a picture of heaven.

That’s why I love the work that @ScottWilliams is doing with his new book Church Diversity. It’s truly a call for the church to come together.

Church Diversity is more than a book it’s a movement of God, pastors, ministry leaders, volunteers, congregants, and the community. It’s about the Church changing its perspective to become part of a culture-changing and world-changing movement. A new and different future begins with the turning of these pages, taking this journey, and speaking the truth in this vital conversation.

Here’s a quick video of what the book is all about…

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  1. I would like this book because Church Diversity is something I am passionate about. I want to learn how we as a church can embrace those who are different from us and minister to them at the point of their needs.

  2. I definitely would love a copy of the book!

    In the past few years, my college ministry went from being all white (since like 90% of the student body is white) to finally being more diverse. And it’s growing in diversity. I love it, but I want to make sure we are effectively navigating the differences in worship preferences, etc.

  3. Hey, I’m doing a book giveaway on my blog today too.

    This book looks great and I’d love to read it. Anything that helps the Church be a global movement is an important read. Thanks for the generosity!

  4. I work in a diverse church. And I like Scott Williams. If you hook me up, I’ll introduce you to him…. uh… if you don’t intro me to him first. On second thought, I may be ineligible to win.

  5. I’m preparing to plant a faith community on Indy’s northeast side, in an area that is diverse in its populace but, on the whole, not in its churches.

    Been looking forward to this book, and to applying what I learn!

  6. Not only am I learning to appreciate church diversity, I came from a very white, WASP-y church, but learning not to judge that diversity. It’s a good thing. I like Scott and follow him on Twitter.

  7. Karen

    I’m really excited to read this book. Our church is diverse, but not as diverse as the community and I don’t want us to get complacent and settle. I’m hoping this book will shake some things up among our staff.


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