Why I Love Ground Turkey

A few years ago, someone introduced me to ground turkey.

They said that it was healthier than ground beef and even had a sweeter taste.

At first taste, I was hooked. I started using ground turkey in everything and asking for it in everything. I like it with chili, as a burger, in spaghetti, and just about anything else that seems like it deserves some sort of ground meat.

That’s not why I love ground turkey though…

I love ground turkey because of its uniqueness.
It doesn’t try to be ground beef, it is just itself.
It doesn’t try to substitute for ground beef, it has its own unique taste that is good in things ground beef isn’t.
It’s leaner and healthier, even though not as many people use it.

Ground turkey is… Ground turkey.

It doesn’t want to be anything but its unique self, the way it was created.

How about you?

Are you willing to be yourself even if it means you may not look or act like the person that seems to get all the attention?

What makes you…. You?


  1. I love how you took ground turkey and turned it around to be about us being ourselves. Classic!

    As for what makes me, me – everything I am! There isn’t another person out there quite like me. Which is probably a good thing…lol

    1. I love me some turkey bacon, so I’ll haveta pick up some ground turkey next time I get groceries!

      and I agree with Jason.
      Not a comparison I would’ve EVER thought to make.
      …and I’m pretty clever with analogies (…or so I like to think ;))

      But I always strive to be myself.
      Sometimes it’s hard, especially when we’re criticized for being “different” or we’re not noticed when we want to be. But God made each of us to be different. He loves us just the way we are, so we have to love ourselves that way, too :)


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