3 Twitter Twules

As I make my way through my twitter stream and as I send out tweets myself, I’ve come to realize that there are some unwritten rules to twittering. These rules won’t get your account suspended or cause people to necessarily unfollow you, but they will help you make better connections with people.

1. Don’t be a quote bot.

A quote here and there is fine, but seriously, don’t just pump out quotes all day, everyday. If the people that follow you really wanted a list of quotes everyday, they’d google “great famous quotes”, not follow you on twitter. Quotes keep you from really connecting. People never learn who you really are, just that you can copy and paste. If you’re really into quotes, create an account and make it obvious your on twitter to post quotes.

2. Avoid broad statements.

You probably don’t know everyone in your following list personally or well. Don’t make broad statements that are going to cause people to fall or stumble. I know we can’t tell people how to take what we say, but we can guard against it a little. Remember, tweets must be short, but also precise.

3. Connect before pimping.

If you’re asking me to push your book, service, or blog but you’ve never even @ replied me, I’m probably not going to do it. Sure, certain people can get away with it. Some have that platform, but most of us don’t. That’s why it’s important to really connect with your followers. If you’re really connected, they’ll push your stuff because they believe in you.

What did I miss? Any other Twitter Twules?


  1. “Use Twitter for more than just getting me to read your blog.”
    I can’t stand when people post links to their blog 100 times a day, and only make one or two normal tweets. I don’t tend to read blogs of peole who just pimp out their work like that. Post a link 2-3 times a day and use the rest of your tweets to actually connect with people. I’ll be more apt to follow people’s blogs I connect with.

  2. Very good tips! I haven’t done much on twitter lately due to a busy family schedule..but non the less, your tips are very good and to be remembered!

  3. Great twules my friend. Another would be “Don’t RT someone everyone else on the internet RT’s”. This is why I rarely RT anything from Jon Acuff. Everyone I follow already follows him. :)

  4. These are all really solid.

    And yes, the quote bots (love that term) are tough to deal with.

    And I think one rule of thumb is for every one thing you ask for give away 3 or 5 things.

  5. I also hate when people tweet about every meal they eat. I’m cool if it’s a really important meal or maybe some really cool place to eat. But come on, I don’t need to know about the wicked good ham sandwich their wife made them.

  6. Really good little bit here. I’ve been on FB more until recently & prefer twitter in most ways. Look forward to hearing more from a fellow South Carolinian :)

  7. Francesca Macdonald

    I suck at spelling, but find myself googling before tweeting! I can’t stand when people post links to their blog 100 times a day, and only make one or two normal tweets. You do very well man. Everyone I follow already follows him.


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