Don’t Just Throw Your Weight Around

Leadership is about priority, not position.

No matter what we’re leading, it’s important that we lead because it’s a priority to us, not simply because we’ve been placed in a position to do so.

The truth is, everyone can work their way into some type of leadership POSITION.

Whether it be leading a family,
leading a class,
leading a ministry,
leading a project,
or leading an employee,
most people will eventually find themselves in a position to lead.

What seperates the truly great leaders is that they lead because it’s a priority to them.

The truly great leaders do something with their leading.

They don’t just throw their position around and expect people to fall in line,
they lead to a greater goal, to a greater calling.

They lead with an eye on transformation.

It’s this priority thinking that allows leaders to truly experience success.
It’s leading from the priority that we lead from a passion to see something happen that we know we could never make happen on our own.

At least that’s my observation.

Here’s a question to consider…

Are you leading your wife, family, church, son, daughter, staff, or office from position, or priority?

We must lead from priority if our desire is to truly accomplish greatness.


  1. Bob

    A leader must seek first to be led. When we do so – position has nothing to do with it. Not even on the radar. Yes, priority is key.
    To be led – then lead.

  2. Great call out Jonathan.
    I like the example of the difference between management and leadership, but hadn’t thought about the approach of priority vs position.


  3. Wow. this is so true, and such a good thing to reminded of.
    Working in missionary work really makes you sure that you are leading, teaching, and helping not because you have to, but becasue it is a priority in your life to do so – otherwise you will not last, you become tired, bitter and frustrated.
    I am so passionate about what I am doing, and so I hope it brings transformation – no matter what the cost is for me, for this is not my work, it is so much greater than that.

  4. I have seen my fair share of leaders who lead from position. They want respect and obedience because they hold a title. But, like you said, true leadership comes from passion – a passion to do what God has called you to do and a heart to serve those who are “under” you. The greatest leaders are the greatest servants.

  5. Good word Jonathan. One of the lessons I have learned about leadership is that it is all about influence. I hope I lead from priority so that I can better influence those I am leading.


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