1. This might seem hobo, but I once used milk jugs filled with water (you could do it with sand too!). With water, they were a little over 8lbs.

    Just do reps with those! haha

  2. Diet advice – Count calories. A friend of mine has lost 35+ lbs just by keeping track.

    Workout advice – Consistency. Other than that it depends on your goals. If you want to get big/buff I suggest 3 sets of 6-8 reps w/ 1-2 minutes of rest. If you want to get lean/mean I suggest 4 sets of 10-12 reps w/ 30-45 seconds of rest.

    I’ve been working out for years and my bro is a personal trainer. Git er dun!

  3. I have found a few things that “work”
    over the years.
    Better to do the weight loss now
    before your age makes
    your metabolism change
    and it becomes harder
    or impossible to lose the weight.

    I’ve lost 10 lbs. quick
    by drinking diet soda instead of eating a meal
    (did this when younger not the healthiest idea
    but effective).

    Lost 15lbs. by jogging every other day for 45 mins.
    (with no dietary changes).

    Lost 20lbs. relatively fast by eating low carb.
    I’m continuing to eat low-carb because I feel healthier.
    No more ups and downs with my blood sugar levels
    and a constant energy all day. It’s basically a diabetic diet, and I had low blood sugar, so it works for me.

    Finally, I am at peace with my weight now.
    I was stepping on the scale one morning and heard:
    “that’s not how I measure you”…
    God is so kind
    and knows how we each need His view of things.

    God bless you as you grow,
    and journey
    with Him.


  4. Give yourself a cheat day (or just a few meals). It helps when you are on a diet.

    Also – don’t try to drastically cut the way you eat. Ease into it so it’s a life change, not a diet.

  5. Cut out the sugar and junk food. I have tried to cut out cokes and still working on this one. Lots of fruit and veggies! Nuts are good and healthy to snack on (if you are not allergic to them)- Drink water throughout the day. We just bought new bikes and gonna do a lot of bike riding this spring and summer.

  6. Start off with a good diet. Getting fit and in shape cannot be done without an improved diet. Eat more nuts, yogurts, and beans (both have the combo of good fats and the right amount of nutrients to help you burn fat with exercise).

    A lot of people think either lifting weights or cardio will help you out. In truth, it takes a combination of both to get maximum fitness. Pumping iron will help you build muscle and weight, but cardio will help you trim off the fat so your muscles will be able to show.

    Personally, for cardio I recommend the elliptical machine as you can burn more calories at a slower rate. Make sure you go backwards as well as forwards!

    Also, don’t neglect different muscle groups when you work with weight. You only lose fat at a whole proportion, so building muscle in every group will help what your cardio is doing. I lift 2-3 times a week, working biceps and triceps one day with chest and upper body on the other. I also work abs and back in between those days as well.

    Realistically, try to hit the gym at least twice a week. Definitely don’t miss out on cardio, and don’t start too heavily on the weights. If you’ve got time, picking up a fun sport like racquetball would be great, too.

    I hope this helps!

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