The Key to Improvement

Like a lot of people, when the specs for the iPad 2 were unveiled a few days ago, I found myself saying, “I want one!”

Apparently even the iPad’s competitor thought the same thing…

“Apple made it very thin (…) We will have to improve the parts that are inadequate,” Lee Don-Joo told Yonhap News Agency. Read more.

This is an amazingly honest statement from one Samsung’s head dudes. It couldn’t have been easy to say.

Admitting my inadequacies isn’t easy either.

Whether they’re physical, intelectual, or spiritual, it can be hard for me to admit when I just don’t measure up.

If I’m ever going to get better, though, I have to admit it.
I have to be willing to admit when I messed up.
I have to be willing when I don’t meet the mark.
I have to be willing to admit because that’s the only way I’ll ever improve it.

The truth is,
I’m not the perfect husband.
I’m not the perfect Christian.
I’m not the perfect leader.
I’m not the perfect follower.
I’m not the perfect ….

It’s in the admittance of these things and my confronting reality that I can begin my job of improving.

It’s in the admittance of my inadequacies that I begin to rely on God to change me… inside – out.

It’s the same for you.

Come on now, admit it. You can be better at ____.


  1. evie

    Waiting on the Lord & trusting…I pray in the morning giving him control of myself and day and so often try to take it back when circumstances arise…also, driving but that’s another story.

  2. I love your honesty and humility in this post.

    It reminds me of my imperfections and if I want to bring honor to God daily, its all about admitting wrongs and realigning my life to His.
    Real Talk.


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