Remember when churches used to have testimony times?

Times for the congregation to give testimony to what God has been doing in their lives.

The truth is, God is good.
He’s been good to us.

There’s certainly something that we can all testify to that God’s done in our life recently.

For me, He’s given me more vision for what He’s gonna do through me in the future.

So, your turn.



  1. You saved me, with Your grace
    You stamped me, with Your eternity
    I’ve been rescued from the darkness that was me
    You saved me, with Your grace

    You filled me with Your Spirit
    my blinded eyes can see now
    You’ve given to me everything I need

    There’s nothing
    holding me back.
    My place is here, and in the now.
    There’s nothing that I cannot do when I”m with You…
    there’s nothing, holdingme back.

  2. One thing I am very grateful for over the past few weeks is His peace. I have had to deal with a few difficult and delicate situations at work dealing with people and it is never easy. His peace as been so present in my life throughout these difficult times.

  3. Wow – I needed this today. Been in a “life sucks” mood all day for some reason and just couldn’t shake it.

    I guess for me it’s that even after over 2 years of unemployment and only working a PT job making under $1000 a month, I still have not gone into debt. Only God.

  4. I’m very encouraged by the comments I have read. For me, God seems to be in one of His quiet moods. He is good and has a plan, but I feel like I haven’t quite landed on it. Maybe, God is teaching me to trust Him more and not my own plans! That would be good.

  5. God has provided the funds for me to return to to school and finish my Athletic Training degree. And He is giving me the patience and motivation to do well in my classes! And, of course, He’s teaching me a lot about myself through marriage.


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