My Confession… & Yours

We all have at least one.

We rarely talk about them.

We spend the majority of our time trying to hide them from others that have the same one.


What I’m insecure about may not be what you’re insecure about.

What I’m insecure about in myself may never be noticed by you.

But we have them.

I’m insecure about two things particular.

My weight.
My age.

My weight because I used to be a lot bigger than I am now and I never wanna go back.
My age because I often feel like I lack credibility when speaking to certain issues.

And so I try to cover them up.

I hate taking my shirt off around people because I feel like everyone is thinking I’m fat.
I often fail to speak out because I don’t have the experience to back it up.

But I don’t want to be insecure about these things.
I want to be confident in myself.
I want to realize that experience will come.

And so I fight it.

Just like you.

I keep reminding myself that God sees me through the perfection of Jesus.
That He looks at the heart.
That what little experience I do have can be combined with His Word to make a difference.

You need to remind yourself of the same.


We all have em…

What are you insecure about?


  1. Sometimes I worry about being “qualified” to speak. All I have is an Associates in Theology…surely that disqualifies me …right?

    I need to remember it is God who qualifies…His call, His definition.

    Thanks Bro’ for stirring the pot today!

  2. Sonny Lemmons

    My weight – for every reason you mentioned. I have struggled with weight issues my whole life, and even when I am not on my heavier end of the spectrum (right now I’m in moderately okay shape), I still see that insecure kid in the mirror who shopped in the husky section.

    My age, for the inverse reason of you. I’ve been told that I am too old. Little do people know my biological age does not reflect the age of my heart.

    Unlike many oft friends, I am not a “professional” Christian. I have always been a volunteer and lead in a non-staff position, and I lack an MDiv degree, which disqualifies me in the eyes of many as having any validity.

  3. Definitely my weight. I wasn’t always this big and I hate the way I look, but I can’t get moving due to pain issues. I really just try to be confident and look my best all the time.

  4. I too have issues and insecurities about my weight. Constantly trying to work on this…

    Also, I am insecure about sharing my faith. I feel like I dont have enough knowledge when encountered with tough questions.

  5. JP,

    I have no insecurities, because like sin, Jesus took them from me as part of the New Covenant.

    I no longer have the luxury or privilege of being insecure. I’m a son of the Living God.

    Something to consider.

      1. But JP, if He took it, why are you seeking to take it back? You agree, and then you say, “but”. But what?

        It no longer belongs to you. He took it. It’s His now.

        Sounds too simplistic, doesn’t it? heh….welcome to my world of sonship and discipleship.

          1. JP,

            Crucify that silly thing and be on your way in the power of covenant and sonship. You’ll be glad you did.

            Once your flesh is out of the way, you can concentrate on the real battles in the spiritual realm. That’s where the action is!

            It’s your call.

  6. Ben

    I think as I’ve become “wiser,” I’ve released my securities (like Donald), but there is still the occasional fear here and there, which gets squashed pretty quick-like.

  7. This was a topic in my bible study this week. When we realize that all that matters is what is in the heart and that we are prefected through Christ Jesus? Good post!

  8. Like you, and many people who commented, I’m insecure about my weight. I’m definitely working on it, but you won’t see me taking my shirt off in public either.

    I’m also a bit insecure when it comes to relationships – both friendly and romantic. It’s something God has definitely helped me through quite a bit, but sometimes, I still have this feeling like I’m second best – if someone better comes along, I will be replaced. I don’t get that insecurity a lot, but sometimes it’s there.

  9. Shantelle Harsey

    Thanks for being real dude! It is just being humble and honest when we admit our insecurities to each other. I hope I never reach the point that I have no insecurities, because then I may get too confident and walk in arrogance ~ so not of our God. Paul, the great man of God that he was – battled the “flesh”
    and he was honest about it ;-)

  10. Whoa. I am so admiring your courage right now. You are saying what many of us are thinking, but are too ashamed to admit. Insecurity? Please. I’m a woman. We are the masters at being insecure! I share yours and have many more. My hope/prayer is that we will learn to recognize the lies hidden in our self-talk and replace them with truth. Thanks for your honesty and pull-no-punches writing. – wwh

  11. Great topic. I enjoyed and appreciated your post. I have been in ministry since I was very young, and my age was sometimes an insecurity. I would always lean on Paul’s words to Timothy, “Let no man look down on you because you are young.” (1 Tim 4:12) Now, as 50 is approaching, it is not as much of an issue. Remember, a lot of leaders in the Bible were young.
    My insecurity now is more in the arena of education. I have education but did the marriage and raise kids thing and didn’t get my degree. I am writing, teaching, and blogging (something I did not foresee), and can’t help but wonder how I am coming up short.

  12. Mo

    Hearing a man talk about being insecure about his weight just brings down a HUGE wall for me…cause im used to 1. struggling with my self-image and 2. hearing other girls talk about that…but a guy?? that’s a i appreciate your courage and admire your boldness to admit it straight up.
    funny i also struggle with my age…im almost 25 but in my head i still feel like im 18 sometimes. Mostly in my professional life…i just feel like im too young to be counseling others about how to run their organizations.
    However…i join all of the people here who have fallen back on God’s support and providence to carry them through.

    thank you for opening this space for everyone!


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