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Instead of writing my usual post today, I thought I’d give you a chance to do some writing.

I know that a lot of the readers have a blog themselves, but I also know that there’s sometimes some “stuff” that doesn’t fit what you blog about.

So, I’d like for you to share…

What you’re going through.

How you’ve been blessed lately.

What you’ve been learning.

What you’ve been struggling through.

What you’ve been thinking.

What you’ve been reading.

What you’ve been listening to.


As you comment, feel free to respond to previous comments as well.

Just share…


  1. I was part of (and taught at) a relationship seminar last weekend. Relationships have definitely been the focus as of late. I’ve been learning how much relationships tie into the whole walk of faith. The whole bible is a love story about relationships.

    I feel like God is teaching me that it doesn’t matter how much I know of His word. If I’m not able to create and maintain covenant relationships, I’m missing the point.

  2. I just started reading The Practice of the Presence of God (by Brother Lawrence) yesterday. It is a short, maybe 100 pages, book consisting of letters and advice from this french monk who lived a simple, unassuming life. Its actually really, really good so far.

  3. I am trying to do things God’s way — seeking Him and His Wisdom about the best ways to live. Today my motto is “All I can do is all I can do.” I woke up this morning to find several shipwrecks inside the harbor! But I’m to remember that I’m not God. I can pray and point to HIm and pray some more, surrendering my own life to Him as completely as I can. And so I do — and that’s not nothing.

  4. I just started reading Steven Furtick’s “Sun Stand Still” book and it’s really challenging me. It’s making me realize how much I’ve backed down from believing God to do the impossible, and have settled for much less. As much as that hurts, I’m glad I’m realizing it now and am starting to dream big again, and expecting Him to come through.

  5. Ben

    Feeling like we have a ton of “stuff” to just sort through, ‘almost’ overwhelmed (bad) by the amount of information we need to consume in order to pursue our goals, but definitely overwhelmed (good) by the amount of support we’ve seen to achieve and follow God’s will for our lives and family.

  6. What you’re going through: Incredible stress. :(

    How you’ve been blessed lately: I have an amazing support system!

    What you’ve been learning: How food affects your health. (Oh, you had to know I was going to say that!)

    What you’ve been struggling through: A law in the works that may make it illegal for me to health coach.

    What you’ve been thinking: As a woman, my mind is always going! Family, house, school, son’s road test, church, appointments…it never ends. **sigh**

    What you’ve been reading: Mostly blogs and school information, although recently I picked up David Grotto’s “101 Foods That Could Save Your Life” and have been jumping around in that. Good stuff! :)

    What you’ve been listening to: RED! Their new CD came out a few weeks ago and I love it! Also a little John Willimas thrown in there…my son loves the “Star Wars” music!

    Anything…: Jonathan, you are a blessing! Thank you for all of your encouraging posts! :)

      1. I do like all the books by David Zinczenko. Although the food isn’t always *my* first choice, or recommendation necessarily, he does give some great tips for healthier eating. I follow him on Twitter and he throws out some great facts.

        I know he has a “Cook This, Not That” book, but I haven’t looked at it, so I can’t give my ‘approval’ yet. :)

          1. I saw “Cook This, Not That” at the grocery store today so I spent about 5 minutes looking through it. It looks pretty good, I may have to buy it. I approve! :)

  7. A few minutes ago, I responded to your “5 signs FB is taking over your life” post. So in relation to that, what I’ve been learning about is fasting: I’m currently fasting Facebook for a week.

    Prior to moving to Charleston, I never really heard anything about fasting and since I got here, it seems like I haven’t quit hearing about it…I kinda feel like God was trying to tell me something: to give the time that I should be spending with Him in the first place back to Him.

    It’s been very interesting.
    Tough, for sure — Facebook withdrawals are intense — but God is guiding me through it :)


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