The Promise, Not the Profit

It’s much easier to say than to do.
To put our confidence in the character of God and the promises of God more than what we immediately see is tough.

It’s where faith comes into play.
It’s where we do what doesn’t necessarily make sense.

Today, I’m trusting in the promise and character of God, and not just the profit from God.


  1. Ben

    Great post/video Jonathan. Great way to start the day, and a great reminder on God’s character and what we really should trust and how we should think.

    Thanks for this.

  2. I’m having a craptastic day. Seriously…feel like I’m pregnant again. Crying about everything. It’s not that I don’t feel God or know that he is great. And sometimes i think people think that its wrong to have these feelings, but I feel like God is purposing me to go through this today. Can I love this God that is having me cry all day long? It doesn’t feel good. In fact, I feel like I can’t hold it together for the life of me. My eyes hurt. I see the immense pain that has led me to this point. But I know God is good. I know right now He’s doing this for my good and His glory. And so, I am looking at what is right here…and its not easy. I don’t always see the awaited promise. I just see this. And yet I can say, God is good. God is faithful. God is my protector. Like Job, I can relate when he says, Shall I accept only good and not evil from the Lord? I can accept both. Thanks for the word.


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