Communication With A Cause – Impacting

It’s what God has called us to do.
It’s why the Holy Spirit is living and active.
It’s why out of any organization Jesus could have begun during His time on earth, He chose the church.

We’re called to IMPACT.

We’re not called to connect with people just like ourselves for the sake of being comfortable and building friendships.
We’re not called to meet other people and just be nice.
We were never intended to soak everything in and become spiritually fat because we never give what we receive.

We’re called for IMPACT.

This is the primary reason I believe in social media.

While it may take a little longer to build a platform and trust through social media, it IS possible.
It is then that we begin to impact the people that are around us in social media.

Social media promotes impact not only with other members of social media, but those people that I have personal relationships with as well.

From the growing that I do through social media, I am better equipped to impact the people that are physically close to me.

In the shuffle of life, never forget that we are made for IMPACT!

turn the world UPSIDE down.

How do you use social media to impact the world around you? (both in social media and personally)


  1. The funny thing is that with social media (I feel, at least)… sometimes you may not directly see your impact. Things/feelings/articles/thoughts are shared so freely, sometimes the affect isn’t necessarily “seen”.

    I think the important part of SM is the conversation/community that you have to intentionally develop. It is one thing to broadcast a message, but it is another thing to demonstrate that someone else’s opinion/feelings/thoughts are important and valuable to you.

  2. I have really been pondering how to use my blog and my experiences better. I can’t get out all the time and do things. I am a mom and have special needs children. I homeschool. So I am impacting my family in a big way and I don’t always see my role as that, but it is very important. My family right now is my ministry and will continue to be until God tells me otherwise. However, I have time to blog. I have time to encourage. I have time to show God’s goodness through things like twitter and blogging and facebook. So I have really been pondering all of this lately. Right now I just try to encourage those who visit my blog. At first my blog seemed to attract women, but now I’m getting both men and women which is kind of odd to me. I don’t always feel like I have anything of benefit to say to men. It’s kind of a weird place to be. But I do think I have encouraged them or maybe made them think from a female perspective. Also, leaving comments…I think leaving comments on blogs is a way to encourage others too. Most people don’t realize what its like to have a blog sit empty and no one comments. I’ve been there and it sucks. so I try to do that as well.

  3. Social Media has become a key component of my ministry – seeing as college students and youth are almost always on. I have been able to get to know my students more, as I can “see” them online almost any time, as opposed to just the few times a week I might see them in person. I also can stay in contact with my friends in Czech, and challenge and encourage them even though we are thousands of miles away.

    I would like to thing that my blog posts impact people as well but, like Dustin said, we don’t always see that impact.

    Great thoughts man!

  4. Enjoyed the post. For me, I use social media as an opportunity to somehow affect those from my hometown who are still trapped in addiction by sharing the hope and freedom I now have. I also use it has an opportunity to express myself and to hopefully inspire others with what I may write, or what I have experienced.

  5. Jonathan, I’m just beginning to see how social media can have an impact in my ministry. We live in an ever-changing world and need to hang on to our faith more than ever. We need humor and encouragement. I hope I can make a difference in someone’s day. Great blog!


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