6 Leadership Lessons From Acts 9

I was reading through Acts a few days ago and came to Acts 9. We often view this chapter as the conversion of Saul, but it has a lot more than just one event.

Here are some leadership lessons I jotted down as I was reading…

1. Significant impact is often made by ordinary people with extraordinary potential – Look for future leaders (Acts 9:3)

2. Never let what seems to be interfere with what can be. – Trust God (Acts 9:13 & 17)

3. When God calls you to serve, don’t attempt to command. – Serve gladly (Acts 9: 17)

4. When God calls, don’t hesitate. – Follow God (Acts 9: 20)

5. Allow people to help you. – Show humility (Acts 9:25)

6. Remember that persecution often brings growth – Use it (Acts 9:31)


  1. “Look for future leaders.”

    I learned early on in ministry that this is a main key to growth. Especially in college ministry where your group is completely different every 4 years. We just brought a young man up in leadership this semester that I saw potential in last year and told the leaders to start working on him. They didn’t see it then, but he’s been a welcome addition to our team.

    Great stuff man!


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