Never Make Them Mad

I used to try my best to make people happy…

Never make anyone mad.


I came to my senses and realized…
It’ll never happen.

At least, if I’m doing what I should be doing.

No matter who we look at over the course of history,
anyone that did anything significant caused people to get a little bitter.

It’s just the way it works.


Everyone has different passions in life.

If we’re living out ours, we’re bound to come in contact with someone who lives out the exact opposite.

In Christianity,
In ministry,
In leadership,
It’s kind of what we should expect.

A passionate life brings about passionate opposition.

We’re bound to butt heads.

If you’re facing opposition and not sure why,
look at your passion,
your conviction,
your faithfulness to it.

That could be why.


We face a fork in the road…

Follow the passion,
or chase the never-ending goal of peacefulness.

I choose my passion.

I choose to…

turn the world UPSIDE down.


  1. A quote from Erwin McManus’ “Chasing Daylight” comes to mind: “When you’re passionate about God, you can trust your passions.”

    … even when you come across resistance.

  2. I struggle with this so much, but lately I’ve been learning a new level of trust in God where if I strive to please Him that’s all that matters. Ultimately, His opinion is all that matters in this world. Thankfully, he loves us enough that He desires us to show love to the people he’s put in our lives, but sometimes we fall short. Still, he never fails and I am so grateful for that. :)

  3. Elena Haupricht

    I needed this post. I have been trying for a long time to help someone out who has become bitter and hardened in their life. I have prayed so hard this person, seemingly to no end, and doing everything I can to make her happy…Now I understand why that hasn’t worked. Until one finds happiness within themselves my efforts will bare no fruit in their lives, but it better that I bear fruir in my own. Keeping my eyes on Jesus, who is the author and the fisnisher!!Only He can direct our paths and keep us in perfect peace..Whose minds are stayed upon Him…Thank you for this post.

  4. I used to struggle a lot with the need to please everyone. I didn’t want anyone to think or talk bad about me, and sometimes I would go to incredible lengths to try and rectify any negative talk or thoughts. But all that did was keep me busy, discourage me and distract me from what God wanted. When I finally made the decision to follow my passion as opposed to people pleasing, I found incredible freedom to do what God called me to do.

    Glad to hear you are doing the same. Keep pursuing Him with everything you have!


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