You Can’t Fry Everything

I love fried food….too much.

When Melissa and I got a fryer a couple of Christmas’s ago, we immediately began to fry EVERYTHING.

After a week or two, we started to think about how easy it is to fry something instead of cooking it the right way and the healthy way.

In leadership, we can’t always fry everything…

  • Developing people takes time and patience.
  • Culture change takes time and patience.
  • Seeing God’s vision fulfilled in our organization/church takes time.
  • Seeing God’s vision fulfilled in our lives takes time.

Don’t try to fry what has to cook.

Sure, we can take shortcuts and give the appearance of progress, but in the end, it’s not healthy.

Sometimes we have to pray hard, listen intently, get our hands dirty, and show some patience.

You can’t fry everything!


    1. I have seen that being patience is hard for leaders. Because leaders want to go and do. They don’t want to stand around and wait. (Even when God might be telling them to wait)

  1. Wow…great analogy, and definitely something I needed to hear. I’m not the most patient person in the world, but taking the time to “cook” (as you put it) instead of fry is always better. Thanks for this!

  2. Ben

    This is definitely something we’ve tried to instill into our children re: life stuff.

    For cooking, I learned a long time ago that quick doesn’t always = good, and it’s quite the contrary.

  3. What a powerful and true post. in this frying world leaders need to know the importance of cooking (That what we do takes time and patience). Keep serving and leading.



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