Feelin Around In The Dark

A few nights ago I had trouble going to sleep. After an hour of tossing and turning, I decided just to get up for a few minutes and try again later. Like every person awake well after their bedtime, I decided I needed something to eat. So, I grabbed the bag of M&M’s on the counter and started eating.

As I was pouring the second handful, I dropped an M&M. Knowing that chocolate isn’t good for dogs, I decided that I better not just try to kick it under the counter, but better pick it up. As I felt around in the dark, I couldn’t find it. I rubbed my hand across the floor all over, but couldn’t find it for anything.

Eventually, I had an idea…

I turned the light on. I found the M&M about 10 feet from the spot I was looking. Apparently that sucker rolled a while after I dropped it.

Aside from being a pitiful illustration, this taught me a lesson.

Don’t feel around blindly for something that can be easily seen in the light.

We all do it…

  • We jump from job to job looking for something to make us happy.
  • We chase goal after goal looking for purpose.
  • We try method after method looking for satisfaction.
  • We strive for perfection looking for acceptance.

The entire time, we’re just feeling around in the dark.

We seldom take the time to turn the light on – talk to God, listen to God, and obey God.

The truth is,

  • God does want us to be happy.
  • He does have a purpose for us.
  • He does offer satisfaction.
  • He already accepts us.

And He’s waiting to tell us.
He’s waiting to direct us.

Our first instinct is often just to feel around in the dark.

Turn the light on and turn the world UPSIDE down.


  1. One problem seems to be that occasionally we are successful, because of God’s grace, in finding what we are looking for in the dark. What happened once, we think might happen again. So we keep groping around with the light off, wasting time.

  2. Ben

    Time after time I forget to realize that His plan is ALWAYS PERFECT, yet I still wander in the dark. What gives? I think as human’s, or to be more specific as a MAN we sometimes think (instinct) we can do things on our own, without light, without God.

    How wrong that way of thinking really is!

  3. Great illustration man!
    I think we tend to do this a lot, especially when we *think* we know what we are doing. I know my house pretty well. I can get around decently at night in the dark without turning any lights on. And most nights, I do just fine. So I feel confident I can make it in the dark.

    The same is true in our lives. Most of us have done a decent job of getting around on our own. Have a decent job, decent family, haven’t been addicted to drugs, and we’ve been following God for a while so we feel we know what to do. But things are so much clearer and you see so much more in the light.

    Thanks for the reminder!


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