Snow Day. No Way.

Yesterday, a snow storm hit the south east.

Here in Orangeburg, we didn’t get the worst of it, but we did get enough.
Yesterday afternoon, Melissa and I began to get a little stir crazy and talked about getting out of the house.
While we were trying to decide if we wanted to brave the weather (we don’t get snow often enough to fully know how to handle it), I mentioned to her that it’s crazy that something that looks so pretty can be so dangerous.

Later, I thought about how true that is in other parts of  life as well…

  • We like what we see in others, so we try to be just like them instead of being who God called US to be.
  • We see what someone else has and think we need to have it too, so we go into more and more debt to get it.
  • That sin looks so tempting, but has great consequences down the road.
  • We can blame others for what we should take responsibility for, but we ultimately made the decision and pulled the trigger on the plan.

Sometimes, things may look really good in appearance, but have dangerous consequences.

Sure, we can choose to ignore the consequences and chase after the attraction, but it may do SERIOUS damage to us and those around us.

Choose wisely.


  1. Great post and so, so true.
    I live in Michigan where snow plays a big part of our winters – so you “get used” to it after awhile. That also poses a problem. Once you become comfortable and “confident” in something, you get lazy – you’re not as cautious as you once were. The lazy, comfortable, reckless ones are usually the ones who cause the car accidents.
    God bless and keep you safe.
    ~ Heather Joy

  2. Great post – and very true. So often the things that look good in life, the things we think will bring us happiness or wholeness, are really the things that are most dangerous for us.

  3. Elena Haupricht

    You are so right!! I have often found that the things that seem the most attractive to me can be a warning sign of something dangerous to come..Like you, it is better to look at the situarion several times and evaluate wheather it is wise to so something, as apposed to just doing it and suffering the consequences later. This was a great post and certainly gave me a lot to think about today, as I look at the snow outside my own window… the pic.

  4. Jeremy Chandler

    Totally! I have my own little story involving snow, an inner-tube, & a trip to the hospital.

    I really like your first point. I’m reading through The Me I Want To Be right now & have really been wrestling with this truth.


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