3 Elements to Turn the World UPSIDE Down

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If we’re going to be people that actually turn the world upside down and make a significant impact, we MUST be willing to do these 3 things…

1. Be with Him.

We must be willing to spend time with God. When I first met my wife, I knew there was something about her that I liked. I didn’t know everything about her, but I certainly wanted to. So, I made consistent and desperate (really desperate sometimes) attempts to spend time with her. The more time I spent, the better I got to know her. I know her better everyday we’re together. If we truly see God for WHO He is, we’ll want to know Him. Only then will people begin to see Him IN us.

2. Listen to Him.

When my wife and I first exchanged phone numbers shortly after meeting, it took me a while to be sure it was her I was talking to when I called her. Even though I knew her, I didn’t know her voice that well. The more we talked, the easier it was to recognize her voice. Many of us can’t hear from God because we haven’t taken the time to learn His voice. We don’t know if it’s really Him calling us to take that step, or the shrimp we ate for dinner. We must spend time with Him and listen to Him. When God speaks, we have to listen.

3. Sell out for Him.

It’s not enough for us to listen to God, we have to obey Him. It blows me away that we can believe that God is God and that Jesus is who He claims to be and not sell out on a daily basis to His kingdom. Regardless of the risks. Regardless of the cost. Regardless of the outcome. We need to be sold out for Him. That’s exactly what it’s going to take for us to reach the world for Christ. We must be different and we must be obedient. Only then will we be people that…

turn the world UPSIDE down.


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