The Days After

Christmas is over.

The Christmas Eve services have concluded.

The presents are unwrapped.

The stockings are empty again.

The food is gone (well, most of it).

The season is feeling like it’s over.

But we can never forget…

What it all means.

Just because the 25th has come and gone,
don’t quit living like Jesus came to a manger,
died a death He didn’t deserve,
and rose from the grave.

If it’s just something we celebrate one day out of the year, we have failed the One we celebrate.

Christmas isn’t over,
because He’s still ALIVE!


  1. Amen. Great reminder. Things will fall right into place if we’d just remember the very One Who sustains our lives. Without Him, there’d be no air to breathe, no peace for the troubled soul, and no hope for the hurting heart.
    Have a vision for this next year; and remember that He IS your purpose.
    Happy New Year!
    ~ Heather Joy

  2. So true, Jonathan! Actually, this year did “feel” very Christmas-y and that it’s over so quickly didn’t help. I thank God that I know that it’s about Jesus every day for me when it’s only by Him on Christmas for many others.

  3. Tonia

    This is a great reminder of what the holiday really means. So many of us get lost in the gift giving and receiving that we forget. Thank You!


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