You Better Be Sellin What You’re Buying

If something’s worth buying into, it’s worth bringing others along for the ride.

Some of the greatest salesmen are people that were once a customer of their company.
The ones that were so thrilled with what they bought that they ended up selling it.

Not only are they happy customers,
they’re happy salesmen.

No matter what you’re doing, if it’s good, you should be willing to sell it.

You should be willing to invest in it.
To share it.
To put your self on the line for it.

This concept transfers to many parts of life…

For leaders, this concept should be the goal.

That people are so in love with the vision that we’ve put in front of them, they’re not only willing to buy  into it (catch it), but they’re also willing to sell it and bring others along for the ride.

If not, we’ve failed to truly sell them on what we’re trying to accomplish.

For a Christian, you must be willing to sell what you buy.
Sure, you didn’t pay anything for your salvation, but you did agree to give your life for it.

You should be willing to ‘sell’ others on the same thing.

If you aren’t willing to share what you’ve dedicated your life to.
If you aren’t willing to tell others about what you are dedicated to.
If you aren’t willing to sell out for what you’ve bought into,

You’re not a true customer.

You should always be bought-in enough to sell.


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