Sincere Santa

This Christmas, most of us will get something from a store, wrap it up, put it under a tree and give it to someone. When they open it (whether they actually like the gift or not), they’ll smile and talk about how much they’ve been wanting what we just gave them.

Many of us will buy people gifts and get gifts simply because we expect we’ll get one from the same person. No one ever wants to be the dude/dudet that got a present, but didn’t give one.

Presents are fine.
Gifts are fine.
Santa is fine (but fat).


What I want to know is…

If you could get anything for Christmas this year that can’t be bought in a store, what would it be? (a job, healing, restored relationship, etc…)


  1. Shana

    A new job since I just lost my old one. I’d even take a grunt position at this point, but I’m hoping God’s got something better than that planned for me. I know it sounds selfish… but I’d like for my kids to see a happier Mom.

  2. Mom

    I would like to have my Mom, your Grandmother, here for Christmas. Christmas was her favorite time of year and I still miss her especially at Christmas. I would like for her to meet you and your brother. Love you

  3. evie

    Well, I’ve been out of a job for a year now. I’m so grateful I have two interviews tomorrow which I’m trying to give to the Lord and not be anxious about, so having a job would be a great “gift.” But even more than that, there’s a young man God brought into my life at the beginning of this year, who doesn’t know Jesus. And my “dream” is that he would encounter God’s love and accept Christ as his personal savior. :) That would make my Christmas and Christmas’s to come.

  4. For me it’s consistency in my walk with God and relationship with my family. There are certain areas of my life that cause me to spin out of control at times and shift my focus away from where it needs to be.

  5. That my dear friend Alan would experience the unconditional love of Jesus Christ, a grace that would lead him to freedom from a life of depression and anxiety and to an eternity of peace.


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