The Wishbone Principle

It happens to all of us from time to time.

Some may see it as what it is,
others may be a little more naive.

It may be the work of the enemy,
it may be the work of the flesh.

It’s that thing that tries it’s best to pull us from God.

I’ve always heard the saying that, “If God seems far away, you moved.”
There’s a ton of truth in that statement.

God is consistent.
His ways are perfect.
His truth remains.
His character is unchanging.

Our surroundings change and move.
It may be someone we care for.
It may be someone we can’t stand.
It’s that thing that keeps attempting to pull us from God.

For those of us that are holding onto Christ,
these situations can cause a lot of confusion.

We’re holding on to Christ,
that thing is pulling us away.

Eventually, we must choose what to let go of.
Eventually, we won’t be able to give enough of our selves to both.

If you find yourself in one of these situations today…
Let go of the inconsistent…
hold onto God.

The inconsistent is just that…inconsistent.
It’s not guaranteed to be there tomorrow.
It’s not guaranteed to sustain.

God is.
For eternity.

Let go of the garbage, hold on to God.


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