Utilize the Moment

Growing up, I had a chore to do every week that I absolutely hated doing.

I had to clean out and wash the family car.

Every week, I would try to get out of doing the work.
I’d try to think of some reason why I couldn’t do it that week or shouldn’t have to do it.

It never failed, though.
I never got out of it.

So, every week I’d clean the family car out.
Some weeks it’d look alright,
other weeks I’d have to do it over.

I was just going through the motions because I knew it was something I had to do.

As I’ve gotten older and pay for my own car,
I seem to do a much better job of cleaning it up and washing it.

The reason?

I care about it because it’s mine.

So much of life operates like my chore as a child and my task as an adult.

If we see a need for our action, we’re more apt to give more effort for it.
If we have a vision and calling from God, we’re likely to give it all we have.

A lot of people go through the motions of life…
Trying to get to the weekend,
trying to make the time pass.

If we’re seeking our callling and purpose, it changes that outlook…
Instead of seeing tasks, we begin to see opportunities.
instead of dreading waking up the next day, we begin to seize it’s opportunities.

If you’re just drudging your way through life,
you need to find the purpose of it.
You need to find your calling.
You need to seek God’s vision.

Don’t just go through the motions, utilize the moment!


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