Rookie Rev – A Great Resource

I just wanted to give a shout out to my bud Herb Halstead and let you know about a new project of his. — Rookie Rev

If you’ve been to seminary or come from some type of religious education and have done ministry for any amount of time, you know that it doesn’t always go as they teach it. People are messy, stuff happpens, and frustrations occur. Herb’s new project attempts to bridge the gap between seminary and the actuality of ministry.

Even if you’re a ministry vet, it would still benefit you to take a look and pass this resource along as needed.


  1. Jonathan! Thanks for the mention – I want to say that the real passion behind this project is my buddy Russell Harbaugh (@pastorruss) – here’s the thing – we think the stuff we talk about is only as good as the discussion that follows – we want to hear from rookies and veterans alike – so no matter how long you’ve been answering the call, your voice is needed. On the about page for RookieRev you’ll see some pretty disheartening statistics about new pastors. Let’s try to do something about it.


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