5 Twitter Tips From A Twitter Tweep

Twitter can be a tough world to learn and command, so with that in mind,
Here are a few tips for those of you who may need them…

1. Have a profile picture.

We don’t want to see the Twitter egg when we’re thinking about following you. We want to see… you! Twitter is about connecting, the first part of that is seeing your face.

2. Fill out the profile information.

There’s a lot of spam on Twitter. Many of those spammers have no profile information at all or just have a link. You don’t have to reveal much, just enough so that we know it’s really you.

3. Tweet regularly.

Keep your twitter stream updated. If you have 2,000 followers and only 10 tweets, we’ll immediately think something’s up. Update you twitter stream if you want to utilize twitter.

4. Respond to people.

I know it can be impossible to respond to all replies/DM’s, but unless you’re a celebrity, reply to people when it’s appropriate. You don’t have to say something every time, but definitely sometime.

5. Tweet others as you’d want to be tweeted.

Don’t send random links to people or try to get people to read your stuff if you never mention them otherwise. Also, try to be positive when responding to people. As our Moms always said, “If you can’t tweet anything nice, don’t tweet anything at all.”

What’s your best twitter tip?


  1. Jeremy Chandler

    Thou shall not name-drop. I hate when people mention somebody just to show that they met with them. It’s obvious when someone is name-dropping & not cool.

  2. Melissa

    Don’t add anything controversial when RTing someone else’s tweet! If YOU want to attract the crazies, more power to you, but don’t subject others to the crazies!!

  3. I get frustrated with people to RT and add comments, but I don’t know where the RT ends and their comments begin.

    Also, when thanking someone for #FF love, please don’t RT the whole list, just thank the one person.

    Great list, Jonathan!

  4. Don’t be about the numbers – If you are going to tweet, tweet with substance.
    We don’t care how many followers you need to reach 1,000 – 2,000 – 10,000 – 100,000 or whatever.
    I have tweeted about this subject before “Tweet substance, followers will come!”

    Also, we fail to forget that it is just as easy to unfollow someone as it is to follow them.
    Nothing is keeping those followers there permanently – and it is their right to unfollow.

    Twitter is instant accountability – people WILL read what you post…make sure you are putting out content that you wouldn’t mind others to read.


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