It’s Just A Game

Watching the Cleveland Cavs play the Miami Heat last night brought me to this thought…

It’s just a game.

If you don’t know the back story to the game, here are a few quick details.

  • Lebron James – born in Akron Ohio
  • Lebron James – drafted by Cleveland Cavs
  • Lebron James – plays for Cavs
  • Lebron James – announces on an ESPN special that he’s leaving Cleveland to “take his talents” to Miami
  • Cleveland fans – get really, really mad
  • Lebron James – plays first game against Cleveland last night
  • Everyone – wondering what stupid things Cleveland fans will do

It’s just basketball.
It’s just a sport.
It doesn’t really matter.

Spend your life on what counts.

Let that control your emotions and goals.

Let that control who you are.

Much of what we spend out time, energy, money, and emotion on doesn’t really matter.

Don’t let the minor take away from the major task you’re called to.

What minor thing do you allow to become major?


  1. Jack

    I think this is why I’m so very much not into sports: it is ultimately much ado about nothing.

    If you enjoy a game, great! Enjoy the game. But keep it in perspective. You’re not a winner or loser because the team you support wins or loses.

  2. Darrell Childress

    Like Jack said, it needs to be kept in perspective. Lately, I see more and more people putting the same emphasis and emotions into following political and politically-motivated figures.


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