I Never Cared

I used to pass him everyday.

He’d be standing by the door every time I went in.

He never said much.
I never said much.

I didn’t know his story.
I never took the time to ask.

I’d just smile and nod as I passed.
He’d return the favor.

I’d go on about my day.
Never thinking about the man by the store.


I began to notice that he was no longer there.
No sign of his chair,
No sign of his hat.

All of a sudden,
I wish I had asked.

Why he stood there.
What his life was like.

If he had a home.
If he had a wife.

I guess I’ll never know.
What made Him who He was.

I never took the time,
to find out what he does.

We never know the stories of the people we pass everyday.
We never know what their dealing with or their place in eternity.


Take the time to find out.
Take the time to encourage.


  1. evie

    This hit home. Thank you for posting.
    I had the opportunity at the beginning of the year to get to know one of these strangers I passed everyday and never cared about at the time or much less felt like taking the time out of my busy life to get to know. After having what I feel was a devine opportunity to do so, it has turned into a year long time of God putting them on my heart to pray continually for, reach out to and show compassion. It’s funny how your heart changes when a stranger is just a stranger and then suddenly your big dream in life is that they might encounter God in an unreal way, that His love might be fully realized. At least this has become the big desire of my heart. However, I’ve had Christian friends sort of look at me like I’m nuts when I express so and more or less suggest I’m wasting my time, talking to them and trying to help, and then I feel conflicting things in my heart- Then it becomes where does this care come from? “Lord, is this something I’ve bumped my head and desired out of nowhere or is this really your will?”(Can anyone else relate to those feelings?) Last night I was reading Matthew 9:10-13 and it spoke to me of how the Lord cares for these.


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