1. Kyla

    1. don’t usually watch late night TV
    2. is there a difference?
    3. My dad is famous for “if it looks like a duck and walks like a duck, you call it a duck”. He usually said this when I wanted to “hang out” with a boy and refused to call it a date.
    4. Feeling like I’m almost on the other side of the funk I was in.

  2. 1. Conan 2. Diet, but only cause I’m married to a Diet drinker and it’s convenient 3. My dad always told me to keep my pants zipped and I would stay out of trouble. Thanks Dad 4. Best part of my week was a tie between going to the http://RightNow.org conference and hanging out right now with my family on my day off! Love the blog bro! Chad

  3. 1. Carson
    2. Diet–so offset the pork rinds
    3. When my wife and I told her that we were getting married, my mom said, “Well…I hope it’ll last.”
    4. Good conversation last night with my 7-year-old son about love, life, and Heaven.

  4. 1. Conan hands down the funniest since Carson.

    2. REGULAR!

    3. Respect will open doors that money never will.

    4. This week? Wednesday night teaching the New Member class!

    Great post man!

  5. Zee

    1. Don’t really watch hosted shows… or TV, for that matter.
    2. Regular. Only regular.
    3. Never, never, never give up. (that was my pastor’s note in my Bible)
    4. This week… hmm… random laughs at the office with friends.

  6. evie

    Conan for sure, although old Johnny classics are fun to watch as well.
    I don’t drink soda anymore unless I’m sick, but I am going with regular.
    My mom always reiterates that God’s got me and points me to his promises, my father growing up did a lot of repeating, “Faithful in little faithful in much.”
    Spending time at one of my best friend’s house hanging with her and her 6 yr old daughter eating Phish food by a gas fire.

  7. 1. I hated Jimmy Fallon when I first saw his show, but now I think he might have even eclipsed Carson for me. Crazy!

    2. Definitely regular Coca-Cola!

    3. When I got in trouble too many times in a day, my mom used to say, “Marshall, you have to choose what kind of person you want to be.”

    4. Hmm… maybe releasing an ebook.

    -Marshall Jones Jr.

  8. Mom

    Let’s see how you answer this one.

    Don’t watch late night TV.


    My Mom said to “Always wear clean underwear you never know if you will be in an accident”

    Today is the best part of the week. It is Friday!

  9. Brian

    1-I haven’t watched late night TV in years; Carson’s opening monologue was so good the others are all rookies. (I’m only in my mid forties so this isn’t an age thing.)


    3-Reading is the most important thing in school for you to be good at.

    4-Last night I spent a couple hours with my bass and a small 16 track recorder.

  10. 1. Who’s your favorite Late Night T.V. host ever? Johnny Carson

    2. Diet or Regular? Diet Coke

    3. What’s one thing your Mom or someone else close to you always told you that you will always remember? Mom said, “Life’s not fair. Get over it!” So true and I’ve had opportunity to say it back to her. :)

    4. What was the best part of your week? This whole week being on vacation with with husband as well as starting last night spending time with my girlfriends and our 25th high school reunion.


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