How to Lose Your Life

Spend most of your time trying to convince the people around you that you’re someone you’re really not.

I’m serious…

I’ve seen so many people worry constantly about how they “look” in front of other people and walk through life without any joy.

Think about it…

If we spend our time, energy, and effort worrying about what the people around us think, we have no time to be ourselves.
There’s something reviving about being able to let loose and be yourself… if you never let loose, you suck the joy out of your life.
If we’re  always worried about how we look to other people, we’re not opening up to let other see who we really are.
We never develop genuine relationships when we never allow anyone to know the real us.

The worst part of it all…

Sometimes, we don’t even realize we’re doing it.

We’ve done it so long that it’s become second nature to us.
We don’t know how to be ourselves any more.

This is truly an epedimic in America today and I’m afraid that it is in the church as well.

But God made us to be us, not someone else and not a cheap imitation of ourselves.

Your thoughts?
Do you know these people?
Are you one?
How do we break this cycle?


  1. I don’t care what people think most of the time. That has helped immensely in my pursuit of God’s truth. On the other hand it reduces the number of friends. I wouldn’t trade what I’ve learned pursuing God for any friend. But it would be nice to have people who would help each other walk with Jesus instead of modern day Pharisees using the “Christian” label. So I plan to resume the true church which Jesus practiced with His disciples. That will create true friends of Jesus.

  2. evie

    I am all those things. A wise Christian friend of mine told me it comes in growth, asking, receiving in faith and being bold enough to step out and care more about God than people’s opinions. I’m still growing, waiting, hoping. :)


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