People of Uncommon

I want to try something a little different.

Instead of me writing a post with the idea that we will become people of greater and uncommon faith, I want to honor someone that you see as having uncommon faith.

Here’s what you do.

Send me an email to (LINK) telling me about someone of uncommon faith that you respect. (You can comment on this post if you prefer)

You can include some details about their life… why you look up to them, how they developed their faith, the struggles they may have overcome, what you most admire, your relationship with them, a picture, etc….

I’ll post some of your entries in the upcoming weeks (I’ll let you know when I’m posting your entry so that you can tell them).

There’s no prize, just a way for you to honor them and a chance for us to learn from these uncommon people.

So, email me and lets see the people of uncommon faith!


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