1. 1. I got the idea last night to put a black box on my back & be a fridge magnet. Haha!
    2. A house.
    3. Michael O’Brien – and I respect his love of reading!
    4. Tonight we’re taking our kids to a harvest party at our church, and then on Sunday we’re going to a huge block party and taking our kids trick-or-treating. All of which results in a lot of candy for mommy to steal. :)

  2. Melissa

    1. nothing because my husband wouldn’t dress up with me.. (ah hmmm)
    2. pay off the car and student loans. invest most and give some away.
    3.Pastor Artie- He vision and leadership- he also really loves rice :)
    4.The USC game

  3. Ron Adey

    1. Not dressing up.

    2. I would buy into some type of franchise business.

    3. Casey Treat – I respect the way he treats his wife.

    4. Seahawks / Raiders game.

  4. 1. My youngest daughter is goign to be a Marsahll University cheerleader, so with my broke toe I’m gonna be a MU Football Player on the injury list! LOL

    2. A Hummer for my wife (she has always wanted one!) Me a new 4-wheeler, a Gator, and a new Tractor! give to missionaries, charities – rest for kids further education. OOOoops, you said one thing, well I guess that was one short list. ;)

    3. Pastor Phil Whitt – he is the most truly loving, caring man I have ever met. He truly has a Pastor’s heart.

    4. FallFest @ PGBC tomorrow night. Worship Sunday morning. Birthday Party ( my oldest niece and my youngest daughter) on Sunday night!

  5. 1. What are you going to be for Halloween? We don’t celebrate Halloween. We turn off all the lights, turn on the sprinklers, and go have dinner & read at Starbucks.

    2. What’s one thing you would buy if you had $1 million? After paying off all our debt & our parents’ debt, we’d pay off some the church’s debt.

    3. What’s your Pastor’s name and one thing you respect about your pastor? (Pastor Appreciation Month is almost over) My pastor’s name is Glenn Davis. He’s recently taken over the senior pastor position after our founding pastor John Lloyd “re-fired”. Pastor Glenn hasn’t compromised teaching the Word and preaching the salvation message. I respect that he hasn’t compromised the way Countryside Christian Center believes and he’s bringing in more and more people even when members were leaving because of the leadership change.

    4. What are you looking most forward to about this weekend? Weekend plans have changed in the last hour. I’m looking forward to meeting my friend’s niece, who’s flying in from Atlanta today to see her aunt, who’s dying. I’m happy to meet her, but sad because of the circumstances.

  6. 1. I’m going to be a band-mom. (Because I am!) Marching band invitational tonight. YAY!

    2. Only one thing? The list is long, but I’d start with new living room furniture. (Mine is 21-years-old.)

    3. Pastor Sam Rijfkogel – I respect so much about him, but was moved this past year when he showed compassion rather than judgment in a difficult situation.

    4. See #1 – marching band invitational! Next year will be our last year for band. SO sad. :(

  7. Mom

    Sorry I’m late on this one. Wearing my original “This is my costume” shirt. If I had a million dollars I would pay off my debt and give my children what they needed to pay off theirs and have some so the could live their lives without debt worry and give to my church. I have learned a lot spiritually from my Pastor Michael Joe Harvell and I was looking forward to Sweet Treat Alley and now I am looking forward to a day off tomorrow. Love you


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