New Kid On the Block – Android Tablet

So, I always figured that I’d get an iPad at some point to go along with my iPhone.

A couple of weeks ago, I got tired of AT&T’s service and switched to an Android on Verizon.

I came across this video today and it really has me thinking of diving headfirst into the Android market and getting an Android Tablet.

Check out this video and then my question at the bottom. (You don’t have to watch through, just skim)

So, if you have an Android phone, are you considering a Tablet?

If you have an iPhone, would you consider a Tablet instead of an iPad?

Just curious…


  1. Having had an iPhone and a Droid phone, the iPhone is infinitely better, provided you have a carrier that can actually deliver a call to it.

    I’ve seen the iPad in person, and if I were in the market for a notepad-type device, the iPad would be my only choice.

    1. Yeah. I switched to Android too. I haven’t had many problems at all. The upset is probably the safe choice, but I like Android’s customisation. Just my opinion. Thanks for commenting Patrick.

  2. Darrell Childress

    I have an iPhone, Android phone (HTC EVO4G on Sprint), and iPad. I really like the Android better than the iPhone mostly because of the customization and the Google apps. I’m looking forward to seeing an Android tablet. I love my iPad, but really like the “carry-able” size of the Galaxy. Not sure about the apps for an Android tablet also, but that will definitely come in time. That being said, since I already have an iPad, I might be inclined to wait a bit for more Android tablets to hit the market. But if I didn’t own an iPad I’d probably be all over the Galaxy right away. Hopefully they’ll offer it without a carrier contract (wi-fi only).


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