Jesus Ain’t My Homeboy

When I was growing up, I always had a lot of friends.

Some of these friends were really close.
They were the ones that I spent most of my time with and loved being around.

Some of these friends were more casual.
They were the ones that I saw at school and occasionally hung out with outside of school.

When I would decide that I wanted to do something and wanted a friend to go with me,
I’d always call my close friends first.

Only after all of them seemed to already have something going on would I call my other friends.

It seems like a lot of people treat Jesus as “the other friend.”

Sometimes, I treat Jesus as my “other friend.”

We’re willing to pay some attention to Him on an occasional Sunday.
We’re willing to admit that He’s our friend.
We’re even willing to call on Him when all other options fall through.


He isn’t our life.

He’s just a casual friend.

Jesus never died on a cross and got up from the grave to be our casual friend.
Jesus never died on a cross and got up to be someone to come to when all other options seem unavailable.

Jesus’ love demands our life.
Jesus’ sacrifice demands our life.
Jesus’ atonement demands our life.

I never want Jesus to be a casual friend to me.
I never want Jesus as my “homeboy.”

I want Jesus to be MY LIFE.
More today than yesterday…
More tomorrow than today…

He demands my firsts, not my leftovers.
He demands my  priority, not my remainder.

In every part of my life…

My family.
My work.
My finances.
My leadership.
My ministry.
My leisure.

I must be last!
He must be first!


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