4 Consequences of Failed Communication

Communication is seldom noticed, until it fails.

Last week, the staff of Cornerstone went on a staff retreat. One of the things we discussed was communication between the staff.
It’s not that we necessarily often fail in this area,
in fact, we usually don’t.

However, communication and it’s importance often gets over-looked until it is a problem.

Whether we’re communicating with a family member, an employee, a co-worker, or people we lead, we can’t forget to focus on communication.

Think about the effects of bad communication….

  • Lost effectiveness.
  • Misunderstanding.
  • Unnecessary conflict.
  • Severed relationships.

Never be afraid of over-communication, it seldom occurs.

Usually, when we think we’ve beat something to death in communicating it,
we probably need to say it a few more times.

So, let’s open the lines of *communication* :)

What’s one area in which you often fail to communicate?
What have you found helpful in the area of communication?


  1. Good stuff! Communication is so key no matter if its in inter-staff relations, familial relations, or just leadership in general… i know i lack on the communication side when i have to discipline in some way shape or form…

  2. I have a hard time communicating when I feel disappointed or hurt by someone. I’ve gotten a lot better about it but I still struggle with confronting someone when they have hurt me.

    What I’ve tried to use as a rule of thumb is to confront the day after it happens. In the moment is usually too raw and I say things before I have completely processed. If I wait too long, I have a tendency to get over it (or so I think) and avoid it.


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