Life Suckers

Have you ever been in a place or around people that just suck the life out of you?

You know, those people or places that are so negative, so self focused, and so unpleasant that you really feel like they are stealing your enthusiasm for life.

Sometimes, it’s a job.
Sometimes, it’s a certain person.
Sometimes, it’s a place you feel like you have to go.

I’ve experienced my fair share of “life suckers” in my 24 years of life.

I’ve come to the conclusion that, no matter how hard I may try to help the situation, it’s often best just abandon the situation.

I know it may sound cowardly, but…
we must protect our passion.
we must protect our joy.

If you’re in a life sucking situation (not to be confused with a “sucky life” situation) :),
it may be best to get out while you still have your enthusiasm.

Sometime, you have to admit that there’s simply nothing you can do to improve the situation,
you can only protect yourself.

What do you do with ‘life suckers’?


  1. “Can two walk together, except they be agreed?” Amos 3:3

    Friendship is one powerful agent of change in my life but there are (as you point out) those life sucking relationships that are a real battle to find balance. Jesus often went away from the crowds to rest and be with the Father…perhaps that’s the key. Consistant, passionate time with the God of the universe.

    Jonathan, you always bless bro’….thanks!

  2. I had to walk out on a friendship with a guy I called my “best friend” for a number of years. Haven’t spoken to him in over 6 years. That relationship was all give and no take. No matter what happened, I was always made to feel like I wasn’t doing enough as a friend. He had made some bad decisions and knew where I stood with them and just wouldn’t listen. I had to cut my losses. I believe in reconciliation, repentance, redemption, and a lot of other “re” words, but this time, I just had to move on and leave it with God.

  3. JP,

    When I first started ministry I believed that God could use me to change the world and that no problem would ever come before me that could not be rectified.

    While I still hold to that idealism, I have learned that I had a missing ingredient in my mantra – people’s choices.

    It all comes down to making the choices necessary, and sometimes people just aren’t willing to make them.

    In those cases, commit to praying, but move on.

  4. Dude, I went to that church! :)

    Seriously, I’ve had to deal with this on both a personal and a church-wide level. One person was becoming so dependent on us driving 10+ miles out of our way to get her to church & take her back home that I sensed a need to drop the situation. Most of the need was mine, but I could tell there was more to it than that. Several years later we’ve run into her, and while her life has been messy, with a marriage & divorce and her still bouncing from place-to-live to place-to-live, she has matured greatly. We all realize that she had to “go it alone” for a while.

    As for the church, it was a place where “getting fed” wasn’t an option, at least not for me. I was there, though, to show people what life in Christ was really about. Eventually, though, I was ensnared in a trap of commitments and spiritual malaise. Finally God allowed me to leave for another church where I would grow, but still got tripped up in some things.

    I assume you did know that serving in a church can actually be a life sucker, right? Obviously, if it’s the Holy Spirit directing the service, that won’t be true. The problem comes when you don’t hear Him leading you away from that particular area to another one. Then it gets nasty.

  5. Ron Adey

    I agree, sometimes we have to seperate ourselves from life suckers. I’ve found that some of the biggest life suckers are relatives, which might make it hard to do but necessary. It is better to have good friends around you than life sucking relatives.


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