Spiritual Anorexia

For as long as I can remember, I’ve battled a weight problem.

As a 10 year old boy, I can remember knowing that I wasn’t happy with the way I looked and felt.
In fact, I can distinctly remember thinking time and time again as I looked in the mirror, “I don’t feel like a fat person, I just look like one.”

You see, I knew that I was a mostly happy, energetic, polite, and nice boy.
I knew that I was just like all my other friends on the inside, it was just my outside that was different.

I became pretty determined as I entered middle school that I was going to make my outside match the way I felt on the inside.
I eventually lost a lot of the weight and am now pretty average for my height.
But, it’s still a struggle…

Some people reading this are in the same boat I was as a child…
Just the other way around.

You’ve been playing the Christian game.
You look good on the outside.
You seem to have it all together.
You’re really good at putting on a ‘spiriutal facade’.
You give your time and money to the church.
You know the right spiritual words,

But Jesus has never captivated your heart.

Your inside doesn’t match your outside.

You’re still left empty at the end of the day.
You’re left with very little joy, fading enthusiasm, and obvious emptiness.

You need to let Jesus change your inside.

You see, I’ve learned a few things in my 24 (as of Friday) years of life
One of those things is,
God changes people from the inside out.

Let Jesus be your Savior,
Let Jesus rule your heart,
Then, let him change your actions.


This is one of the GREATEST problems in the church today and something that I’m passionate about seeing changed. Please pass this post along to the people you connect with.


  1. I think everyone struggles to let their outside match their insides. Lately I’ve been learning to trust that the dark parts of myself are really not all that unusual. This doesn’t make them okay, but I don’t have to stress over them. I just keep working on it with God’s help.

    1. Yeah, sometimes it’s better to have those areas on the outside, b/c it means that we’re not trying to be perfect, but we are getting closer with Christ. (Hope that makes sense) Thanks for reading and sharing, Marcus.


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