7 Things You Do Too Much

You’re always going to be accused of being too something…

Too loud,
Too quiet.

Too young,
Too old.

Too fat,
Too skinny.

Too weird,
Too normal.

Too cocky,
Too humble.

Too spiritual,
Too worldly.

Too funny,
Too serious.

Too rich,
Too poor.

Too smart.
Too ignorant.

You aren’t too anything for God to use you as… You.

Accept Him, listen for Him, follow Him, be you!


  1. This is going to seem off topic, but bear with me a minute and I think it will…

    When I was in college, I had to take Language Acquisitions & Linguistics classes as part of the ESL concentration in my English major. And ever since, I’ve been a lover of languages and dialects and accents. And as I was reading your post, I thought about how I’ve developed this tendency to adopt small aspects of other places’ dialects when I visit them. And really, it’s created in me a dialect that is very distinctly ME. Nobody else on this entire earth has the exact same dialect as I do.

    Well, recently, I’ve started to realize that God has created some people that though they may hear the Gospel a hundred times, they’re not going to “get” it until they hear it in my distinct dialect. Now, other people may listen to my dialect and think it’s too country or too fast or too slow or too whatever. But for the ones whose ears God has opened, my dialect is perfect.

    Same with you and with everybody else. You have a dialect that’s distinct to you and for some people, your dialect is the dialect that they’re dying to hear…

    (Sorry for the long comment… And I hope it made as much sense typed out as it did in my head! *grin*)


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