Your Situation is Hopeless

The mountain in front of you is nothing compared to the God with you!

He is the Creator,
The provider,
The sustainer,



I know it’s easy to write,
I know it’s easy to say,
I know it’s easy when it doesn’t apply to you.


The truth of that statement means that even you…

Can find hope in a powerful God,
Can find joy in a loving God,
Can find meaning in an intelligent God.


  1. anggie

    I’m a survivor,so many problem came into my life.
    My parent bancrupt,they trapped in debt,etc.
    At that time we almost hopeless.
    But we still pray and pray
    But God always good all the time.
    God save my family. I got a good job,so I can help my parent to pay off their debt.
    In God’s love,nothing is impossible


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