The Campfire Principle: Relationships

Another aspect of life that operates by the “campfire principle” is relationship.
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No matter what kind of relationship we’re in, we must continually stoke it and build it.

I’ve only been married for about 20 months, but I’ve already learned that my relationship with my wife requires that I continually give and receive.

If one of us is doing all the giving, we eventually get tired and burn out.

I have to consistently serve and pursue my wife, or our relationship is not going to be “hot.” :)

A good relationship requires that we spend adequate and intentional time building.

So, time for your input.

What have you learned about keeping relationships going?

What other areas of life do you see this “campfire principle” at work?


  1. I’m 28 and have been married for 7 years. And you are right…it takes giving from both sides. It takes work….

    I think that in relationships there is also the reverse campfire principle also. For instance, rather than just keep throwing wood on the fire, you just stop before someone gets hurt.

    Good stuff bro.

  2. I’ve learned that my healthiest relationships come during the time when I’m most confident in who God says that I am. When I find my security in Christ, I am able to esteem the other person above myself. Not as some martyr or in false humility thinking that I am nothing but knowing that my value comes from Christ and because of that, I can invest into the other person without demanding reciprocation for my every action.

    Great post Jonathan and thanks for getting me thinking.


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