When the Hopelessly Impossible Becomes A Hopeful Possibility

What seems hopelessly impossible becomes a hopeful possibility when it’s in God’s hands.

Jesus died a death that was typical of many criminals in His day.
They nailed Him to a cross and waited for Him to die.

The people of the time had seem this played out time and time again.
A man on a cross.
Nearing death.

What the people hadn’t seen was what happened after His death and burial.

For someone to die and then live was (and still is) an impossible conclusion.

The difference between the story of Jesus’ death and the death of the preceding criminals that were crucified during the time…
God’s plan.
God’s hand.

God took a hopeless situation and used it to provide hope for all time.

He can do it with what’s in front of you right now as well.

That thing that seems to have no hope.
That situation that you think is never going to improve.
That relationship that you believe is all but over.

What man was going to use for bad, God used for good.

The plot of man was also the plan of God.

It can be for you too.

Hold on to hope.
Hold on to God.


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