Favorite WordPress Plugins

I was searching for a certain WordPress plugin the other day and noticed how few things came up when I searched.
I’m going to list my favorite 10 WordPress plugins.

Please keep in mind,
I am no WP genius.
I’m don’t even claim to be.

1. Askimet – Prevents spam comments from coming to my comment inbox (and an occasional legit comment).

2. Commentluv – Allows you to share your latest post under your comment when you comment.

3. Sexy Bookmarks – The pop up sharing icons under each post.

4. Feedburner – Allows my feed to be directed to feedburner for subscribing.

5.  Twitter Tools – Post twitter updates on my site and tweets each new post when it posts.

6. WP Greet Box – That possibly annoying box at the top of the page asking you to subscribe.

7. WP-Archives – Allows for a separate page for blog archives.

8. Facebook Like Button for WordPress – The ‘like’ tab at the bottom of each page.

9. WordPress Mobile Pack – Allows for easier reading on a mobile phone.

10. Tweet Old Posts – Sends out random tweets for posts from the good ole’ days.

I would link to each of these, but you really just need to search in the plugin portion of your dashboard.


What are some of your favorite WP plugins and what do they do?

Please share!


  1. The Tweet Old Posts seems pretty cool.

    Intense debate…I know some really dislike it, but I’ve ran it for 2 weeks and it makes it so much easier to manage all the comments.

    Wp-Super Cache-helps with spikes in traffic.

    YAARP-Gives a very comprehensive list of related posts at the bottom of each post. Very effective.

  2. Great list Jonathan. I have most of these. Like Michael said, you gotta get WP Super Cache to speed up your site and brace for traffic spikes.

    I have to go with Disqus over Comment Luv. Tons of features, plus for whatever reason, Comment Luv never pulls my latest blog post. :/


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