The Power of the Moment

Don’t under-estimate the power of one single moment.

One moment you spend with someone that’s hurting.
One second in a conversation that you have.
One sentence in a sermon you speak.

One moment in time,
has the potential to change lives.

Don’t miss the opportunity contained in a moment as you…

Spend a few minutes at lunch with the man in the cubicle in front of you.
Pray with your kids before they go to bed.
Listen to your spouse tell you about their day.
Sit to teach a Bible study.
Sit down for a family meal.
Eat at your favorite restaurant.

Take advantage of the little moments!


  1. Probably one of my favorites bro. Sound stuff. We absolutely have to take advantage of every opportunity and every moment. I have noticed this especially with my son. You’ll find out when you guys have kids, but the truly get old so quick.

  2. DS

    One of my favorite songs,

    “We have this moment to hold in our hands…
    and to touch, as it slips through our fingers like sand.
    Yesterday’s gone… and tomorrow may never come,
    but we have this moment today.”

  3. Cory McDonald

    One of my favorites too bro. The little moments to me are ways God uses to keep us grounded in things. I used to be too busy to sit down with my kids and watch cartoons with them or listen to a story because of work and now my daughter is 7 and my son is 5 and both are in school all day, so those little moments are few and far between now.


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