1. Hated the end of summer…meant end of baseball season…

    Favorite movie: Lord of the rings trilogy


    I love peanut butter in all of its forms.

  2. Like the end of summer – love the FALL
    Movie: What’s love go to to do with it – shows power and restoration
    Cheese Nips
    Peanut butter all forms

  3. Dionna

    1. Definitely hated the end of summer. I felt out of place in school.

    2. The Wizard of Oz

    3. Cheese-its

    4. Creamy only!

  4. Michael

    Love the end of summer…c’mon cool weather
    Fav all time movie…”Saving Private Ryan”
    Cheese Its
    and Creamy…who wants bread shredded by the spread!

  5. Melissa

    Yes- means time to stroll down the school supplies aisle always my favorite time of the year.

    Favorite movie: So many but Father of the Bride comes to mind

    Definitely Cheez-its!

    I guess crunchy since you buy the groceries :)

  6. Anji

    Mixed feelings about summer’s end: lots of new clothes during the back-to-school shopping but the end of summer in Minnesota meant VERY cold weather was coming soon!

    All-time favorite movie: Hmmm, I love all kinds of movies. Monster’s Inc, Count of Monte Cristo, Last Dragon, Friday After Next, 50 First Dates, Christmas Story, Troy, Spanglish, The Wiz, Commando…EVERYTHING and ANYTHING that can make me laugh or or that will just plain entertain me! Just depends on what mood I’m in…

    Cheese-Its or Cheese Nips: Its…don’t know that I’ve ever had Nips!

    Smooth or Cruncy PB: Definitely SMOOTH!

  7. 1. Did you like the end of the summer when you were in school?

    Nope but returning to school wasn’t so bad.

    2. What’s your all time favorite movie?

    Wrath of Khan…”I am and always be…you friend”

    3. Cheese-Its or Cheese Nips?


    4. Peanut Butter: creamy or crunchy?


    Do you know me too well now?


  8. Cory McDonald

    I wasn’t really big on school, but the end of summer meant football camp started.

    How to Lose A Guy In A 10 Days and Disney’s Beauty and the Beast-Leave my man card alone

    I don’t like cheese flavored anything, so neither of them

    I don’t like peanut butter either, unless it’s in Reeses peanut butter cups, so neither again.

  9. 1. Did you like the end of the summer when you were in school?
    I loved the end of summer because my Mom and I would have lunch and go see a movie together. It was just good mother-daughter time.

    2. What’s your all time favorite movie?
    When Harry Met Sally is just the best comedy/romance ever! I have seen it many times and finally own it on DVD.

    3. Cheese-Its or Cheese Nips?
    I truly don’t remember because I haven’t eaten either of them in a long time. I like little cheesy crackers, though.

    4. Peanut Butter: creamy or crunchy?
    Creamy! Love the feel of it on my tongue and in my mouth. Just feels good. Like it better if it’s in a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup!

  10. 1. Loved the end of school…not the end of summer though :)
    2. Fireproof(I cry every time I see it lol)
    3. I like goldfish better(its the snack that smiles back;) haha)
    4. smooth!


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