3 Experiences God Wants You to Have

The fact that God has mercy on us to keep us alive is amazing enough.

The fact that God desires the best for us is the icing on the cake.
The way that He works with us to glorify Himself and allow us to experience joy is simply astounding.

Here are 3 things that God desires all of His people to experience…

1. Salvation. God desires that we be reconciled to Him. In fact, He desires it so much that He was willing to part with His only Son for it to happen. God wants all to know Him. He wants none to perish.

2. Worship. God wants us to experience worship. God wants us to worship Him by accomplishing our purpose and living lives that glorify Him. Worship is essential to us. God desires it, but we are the ones that really need it. To find who He is and how much we need Him more today than yesterday.

3. Obedience. Our obedience to God reveals our faith in God. God desires that we experience obedience to Him. Through obedience, God is able to receive our love and bless us accordingly. Obedience is so much more than being a puppet controlled by God, it reaches deeper, it fulfills our need for purpose.

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Will you experience what God desires you to experience today?

What other experiences does God desire for you and I?


  1. Cory McDonald

    A willingness to serve. I think that might go hand in hand with obedience. I think a lot of christians just think get saved, get baptized, and go to church, but don’t serve in ministry or anything, they just sit in the pew and warm the seat.


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