How to be Stress Free

I get asked often, “Jonathan, what is the main cause of anxiety with an upcoming project?”

OK, I’ve never been asked this, I’ve just thought about it recently.

I think the number one reason I get nervous about an upcoming ministry opportunity or event is because I haven’t prepared adequately.

This may be a personality trait that is unique to a select number of people, but…

I think this concept can transfer to many parts of our life….

-We are apprehensive about our finances because we haven’t prepared to control them.
-We are on the rocks in our marriage because we haven’t spent time preparing it for growth and wellness.
-We are nervous about serving the church in our capacity because we’ve failed to prepare enough.
-We are nervous about our test at school because we’ve failed to spend adequate time studying. (Remember those days?) :)
-We are even nervous when we go on vacation because we haven’t prepared enough.

Don’t get me wrong,
I think that apprehension sometimes comes because of other factors, but for me, this is the biggest cause.

When I’m organized, prepared, and ready, I seem to be a lot less stressed about what’s coming up.

Maybe the solution to your problem of anxiety and nervousness about your job, family, and life isn’t from a lack of sleep or a lack of time, maybe it’s from a lack of preparation.

Just a thought…

Your thoughts?


  1. True story: I get nervous.

    I don’t think from lack of prep, but from over prep. Over prep comes a desire to control, instead of trusting.

    I will say that my wife asks me if I’m prepared over and over…that kinda makes me nervous.

    1. Interesting. Let me just say that this post is about something that often applies to me, not saying it’s the same for everyone. I do think it’s important that we never let preparation effect the Spirit’s work. Thanks Michael. Interesting perspective.

  2. I’m kinda of a weird case. I like to prep and I like to wing it…strange right? My stress comes when I don’t spend time with Father God before any of those choices.

    Bless ya bro’

  3. DS

    I’m one of those people who needs to balance his checkbook so he doesn’t have to feel worried anymore. Thanks for the boost!

  4. I wholly agree that being prepared can make life a lot easier and less stressful. I like to check out a place that is new to me before an appointment or engagement so I feel comfortable with where I am going.
    It’s all in the preparation!

  5. Cory McDonald

    I find that I get nervous more if I over prep and also if I lack in spending time with God before I begin the prep or before I have completed it.

  6. This has nothing to do with preaching or teaching, but in life I’m usually nervous because I know that I haven’t done what I need to do to get ready. Sometimes that’s because I don’t have enough time, or because I have too many things to do, or because I’m lazy, or because I’m human. Sometimes it can’t be helped. Simply saying “I need to prepare better” doesn’t automatically make better preparation possible.


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