I Don’t Want to Think

A very up-front post today……

It seems as if we’ve quit hearing from God.

Christians, churches, and clergy have lost sight of the fact that God still speaks.

Instead of hearing God, we’ve decided that it’s better to reason things out, see what makes sense, weigh our options, and then make a decision.

This thought has occurred to me over and over throughout the last few weeks.

The reason?

I don’t ever want to miss the blessing from taking a step of faith due to my determination to do what “makes sense.”

I guess the question really is a matter of trust and faith.
Do we trust HIM enough with OUR lives?

If our answer is yes, we have no choice.

God will bring us through what He calls us to.


  1. It’s scary though isn’t Jonathan? Because we don’t like to get it wrong. And sitting out on a limb can feel very lonely.

    I’m not disagreeing with you because it’s also a very exciting and much more genuine way to live.

    Logically, the first project at Give A Brick should never happen. There is every reason to believe it is impossible. Two thirds of the church left so how can 10 people raise £100,000 to continue with God’s plan for a community?

    But do I trust Him enough? Sure. Mostly ;)

    1. Yeah, it’s tough at times. Something I’m learning personally is that when you hear God say something, it becomes easier to trust rather than deciding for yourself and hoping. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Yeah, I would agree with that. I actually don’t think it’s a recent phenomenon though, kinda a human nature thing. It’s always easier to infer what God is doing or saying instead of wait for him.

  3. my life’s been filled with a lot of HARD lately… so i needed this reminder: “God will bring us through what He calls us to.”

    thank you.

  4. Cory McDonald

    I, too have had this very thing on my heart for the past several weeks. A challenge for some is when things are going to good for us we’re praise God and feel obedient, but when things get difficult we tend to go our own road because we think we can fix things.

  5. I have seen one church near & dear to my heart shift from being Spirit-led to being “prophecy-led,” which wound up precisely where you described at first.

    What do I mean by “prophecy-led?”

    Well, it started with a prophecy someone shared with the church leadership, based on the first few verses of Isaiah 54. They took it to mean that this already “megachurch” (3 services, each able to hold over 2,000 people) would expand even larger. Now they have 3 “video campuses” besides their main one, services still large … but they lost something for a while.

    They began to focus on the “performance” in two distinct ways. First, they focused on how people performed for the church, not in how humbly and wholeheartedly served God. Not all of us are “stellar performers” by the world’s standards, but that shouldn’t bar anyone from serving Christ in church. Workers became “too busy” to be pleasant to their friends who weren’t in their area of “ministry” anymore.

    The second type of “performance” that became a priority was the “show.” That’s what the worship service became. On their web site, to this day you can still see the “pre-show” run of PowerPoint slides combined with video announcements and what-not. The symbolic cross, which had become the focus of attention when a high-school student and her dad challenged having public school graduations in the facility (never mind that there is no other *indoor* facility that can handle the crowd as easily, keeping everybody under air conditioning in the Florida graduation period). Having the cross designed into the wall was a point of contention. So they were forced to move graduations back to the outside stadiums, where rain and heat exhaustion became problems all over again. For the past 2-3 years, though, until relatively recently that cross was not only dark (it was back-lit), it was covered in curtains during the “show.”

    All that to say that our thoughts must be Christ-centered, not leadership-centered, not performance-centered.


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