The Power of Purpose

Quick post today, but here’s what’s on my mind…

Anyone that has been in church for any amount of time has heard a statement similar to this:

“God has a purpose for your life.”

I think we often hear that, process it, and move on to the next thing.

However, think about that statement again.

“God has a purpose for your life.”

Did you catch it?

The God of the universe.
The God that has always been.
The God that created everything we see.
The God that makes the oceans roll.
The God that controls the clock of the sun.
The God that threw the stars in the sky.
The God of Adam, Abraham, and Moses.
The God that holds the power to do anything He wills.

God has a purpose for your life.

Not because you deserve it or have something to offer Him that He doesn’t have,
but because of His grace and love for us.

In fact, we get to help Him tell a story that we didn’t deserve to hear in the first place.

Don’t walk through life as if it were simply a process, live life in the power of your purpose!


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