5 Signs You Ain’t Got It

While a lot can be said and accomplished by hard work, dedication, and will, some things just aren’t meant for everyone.

Sometimes, our giftedness falls outside of the category that we would sometimes like it to.

Here are the top 5 signs that you just ain’t got it…

  1. You have to talk people into allowing you to serve in a certain capacity.
  2. While you study, work hard, and give it all you got, you just can’t seem to grasp it effectively.
  3. You don’t see growth with what you’re doing.
  4. There always seems to be someone around you that can do it better. (God placed them there, let go!)
  5. The greatest compliment you’ve ever gotten is, “Good effort.” (People don’t wanna lie)

Sometimes, we have to delegate our weaknesses
Sometimes, we have to come to the realization that we’re not meant to do that one thing.

Sometimes, we just ain’t got it.

Let it go!


  1. You’re right about this…sometimes we try so hard to slot ourselves in some position and become surprise when we don’t fit! Checking our motivation for such a slot is a great place to begin the process of letting go.

    Thanks for a thought provoking check list.

  2. The whole situation needs to be taken into account. After almost 10 years of service, in many areas, the leadership changed. I was “not what we want to present to the public” (that was the description given) and not allowed to do anything.
    My good friend was removed from the hospitality committee for the same reason ..she was obese.
    (I have lupus and am not wealthy … the pastor’s wife has lupus as well, only she has the ‘good sense’ to stay home and not ‘force her illness’ on the public at large’)
    Thankfully, I was raised that my faith is in God, not man or pastors … and I was able to look at where I’d been, what I’d done, what was happening at large in the community (which has shrunk from 275 to 85 in 2 years).

    1. The whole situation definitely needs to be taken into account. I’m not offering an excuse for stupid behavior on the part of a church leader. In fact, many of these 5 signs will probably happen in several different surroundings. Sorry this happen to you. Hope you realize that this is not the case in all churches and that God certainly still wants to use you! Thanks for stopping by and sharing!

  3. MB

    You know, this is a good point. I homeschool my kids and there have been times where I just feel like “wow, the public school could do this so much better”. People don’t see how I homeschool necessarily except for my husband and there has been some of that letting go…I had to put my autistic daughter in the special ed program because I knew..I wasn’t up for that challenge. The older she gets the more I wonder if she should go full time instead of part time. On the other hand, God sometimes calls us to thing that we do fail at because he wants us to learn something from it. I have yet to feel called out of homeschooling although most people would say I’m a failure because my kids aren’t in sports or doing other stuff that the public school system is doing…yet, I still feel this is where God wants me. I know yours was more of an employment/ministry direction post but homeschooling is a ministry too and I still feel like God wants me in it, even if I fail a lot. I do agree with you though. Pride can prevent God from using us. We need to really be careful of that.

  4. That is very tough, to let something go.
    I remember when i was a sophomore in high school and I had to let go of the dream to be a professional baseball player. I just didn’t have it all. I was close, but not enough. Letting that go was terrible.
    Maybe that is why we love watching American Idol so much, at least the beginning. Because we watch people who think they have it and don’t and now are trying to figure out how to let it go once they have learned that they are not going to make it.
    Knowing that you cannot do everything is tough, but is reality.

  5. Exactly, Kyle. Heard someone say something like this one time, “Sometimes, you have to let go of the good for the godly.” I think that’s relevant to this topic. Thanks for the comment man!

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